Tuesday, May 1, 2007

two things i have discovered:

1. - i am lousy at taking pictures of interesting things in my life.

2. - i am boring, and thus have nothing to really take pictures of anyway that aren't already on cindy's blog or someone else's.

SO, until i can get myself together and start having an interesting life, then taking pictures of it - this is a nostalgia blog.

my current project is for mothers day i am putting my mom's shoeboxes of negatives and misplaced photos onto digital cd's. not only am i a kickass son for doing this, but it provides me with plenty of nostalgic material to share when nothing else is going on.

here's one i don't remember:

mom and dad, circa the summer of '79.
(don't tell my mom. she's embarrassed by pictures of her hair)


Cindy said...

What about the super amazing perfect show you went to today?

nathaniel said...

forgot to take pictures of it.