Sunday, May 6, 2007

Nothing Says Adventure Like Canada

Saturday I went to Vancouver. It looks like this:

While i was there i wanted to see explosions in the sky, but according to the dude at the record store where they sold tickets they were "sold oot". I showed up anyway at the croatian cultural center and it turned out there was plenty of room for me. It was excellent.

They looked like this:

Other things i did in Canada:

i waited in the longest line of cars ever to cross the border

i pushed my little truck to speeds of over 100 km/hr

i soreley over estimated the exchange rate and got far more canadian cash from the atm than i needed

i used what was leftover of that cash to put 25 or so "litres" of "petrol" in my car

i walked around the city a lot, but its not really interesting to relate. you would have had to have been there.


Cindy said...

You might want to consider becoming a Nexus member.

nathaniel said...

yeah no kidding. such a long line!

you'd think that just being a united states of america member would be enough.

Cindy said...

Yeah, no kidding. Did you see that part in Spiderman at the end where he swoops in to save the day and lands in front of the American flag? America!!!