Monday, May 14, 2007

a lot of stupid stuff happens in a week.

last week my little truck died.

so, i spent a couple of days last week commuting to work from my parents house because i was driving their van.

one day i was driving home, and i was in Tacoma, and I accidentally (I swear) cut off two dudes in a mini van. no big deal, they just passed me, got in front of me, forced me to a stop in THE MIDDLE OF THE HIGHWAY and tried to kick my ass. at first they were just standing outside my car telling me to get out so they could kick my ass-

then they started trying to break my windows with their bare hands- which they would know wasn't very effective if they have ever seen karate kid part II

keep in mind there is pretty heavy traffic all around us so i couldn't back up or escape. no big deal, i called 911 cause i'm a total wuss. i could have taken the old man:
but his son (or grandson i guess) had a good 20 pounds on me, oh yeah and we were in the middle of the road.

they ran away when i started describing their vehicle and giving their licence plate number to the police (ha! pussies!)....i don't know if they ever got caught...

the happy ending is that they didn't break the windows.

the sad ending is that my truck is no longer with us.

the other happy ending is that i got a new one. i think ashleigh thinks it looks gay.


stephanie said...

Whoa. This is all big/crazy news. I'm going to go back and read it again to really take it all in.

sugarcube said...

Man, that new truck is TITS

nathaniel said...

stephanie, i should tell it all to you in person sometime. maybe at church, maybe at gorditos.

lee, i will NEVER get tired of hearing that.

lisa said...

i will NEVER enjoy hearing that.