Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dude Flume (part II)

It has been one year since the creation of the legendary DUDE FLUME (for weight purposes).

we celebrated the anniversary by revisiting lagoon, and once again trying to overload the log flume ride with dude.

i would call it a success.

ashleigh wishes so bad that she was one of the dudes.

In an attempt to increase traffic on this blog and draw advertising revenue, i present a picture of lee's butt:

i also tried to take some movies during the rides, and i guess they are ok, but they are probably no fun for anyone to watch. I did think the bumper car video i made was kind of funny, but only with the right theme song playing:

here's to already looking forward to the Dude Flume III!!


lisa said...

I'm sad I missed the dude flume II. Not that I would have been allowed to be part of it.

Also, your ploy with the picture of Lee's butt totally worked.

nathaniel said...

totally worked on YOU!!

Lee said...

Now there is going to be so many international people who want to play bumper cars with my butt.

The video of the roller coaster would have been awesome because you caught that dude's (non-flume) hat. Plus, my butt was sitting right next to you.