Monday, March 24, 2008

wild west weekend!

i decided to go all wild west last weekend and went on a desert road trip looking for wild west towns. i found a few, but only took pictures in two of them. deal with it.

photo disclaimer- i forgot to bring sunglasses, so in 90% of the pictures i am in, i am very squinty, or my eyes are closed. i'm not making faces. i swear.

Bisbee, AZ:

this was the better of the towns in my opinion. really nicely restored/maintained, with just enough stuff left in an abandoned state to make it feel like a touristy ghost town. the surrounding houses in the hills were awesome and we spent an hour or so driving around really narrow roads on the mountainside. totally awesome (no pictures of them, deal with it).

Tombstone, AZ:

tombstone was fun, but totally rediculous. I would like to say it was well restored, but i think it was less restored, more overrun by tourism. really it was like being at disneyland, or pioneer town at lagoon, but with a more violent history.

i didn't take this picture of the gunfight. we had missed the last public one, and didn't want to drop $20 to see one in a walled off OK Corral (i looked through a crack in the wall. it looks just like a normal corral). besides, i can wait until lavender days.

the courthouse was cool. it was probably the most authentic thing in the whole town. interesting fact: only 7 people were ever legally hanged at those gallows.

i also really liked boot hill.

death collage:

SLATER! NOOOOO! this must be what happened to him after "dancing with the stars":

hmmm. one of these people must have been playing hockey?


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