Monday, August 20, 2007

now i know how god must feel when HE'S holding a gun.

saturday afternoon david took me and christopher to this place in springville to shoot guns. mindy took some pictures of us, then went to the mall while the three of us pretended like we were real dudes.

it started innocent enough- but one thing led to another and before we knew it we were shooting the machine guns.

I did some image research! These are all the ones we tried out:

christopher liked shooting the Uzi gangsta style:

Dave was a natural with the giant cannon gun, but i wasn't so good. the recoil was too powerful for me and it messed up my hand because i wasn't holding tight enough. BOOM!

One thing i learned was that when you are under attack by an army of Taliban Skeleton Fighters, one of the best places to shoot them is in their neon pelvis. I tried to do this with one of the machine guns, and i landed a couple of shots there, but mostly i seemed to manage to blow off his skeleton arm.


Christopher Johnson said...


sugarcube said... there cool shit like this in Seattle?

nathaniel said...

duh, lee. there is TONS of cool shit in seattle.

Like this? i dunno... i guess i never really looked.