Thursday, March 1, 2007

This man was the worst/most hilarious neighbor i ever had.

six months after this picture was taken he burned our house down. no really. he did.

photo by ryan


rob said...

oh geez that is such a fabulous picture...but really, definitely, the worst neighbor EVER!!

remember waking up to a house filled with fumes because george was fixing his bike INSIDE! of his house?

nathaniel said...

i remember! i also remember all of those babes he hung out with and how you gave them rides everywhere!

Ryan Browning said...

did you know that i actually got to RIDE that bike? best day of my life! i will pay $20 to anyone who finds george and gets a new copy of his CD, because i lost the tracks i had on my computer. Remember when his wife was hitting on me on the way to the petstore?

rob said...

seriously. we used to live in fear of anne or that other wife of his knocking on our door and asking us for favors.

"ryan, do you think I'm pretty"

I also just realized that we are the only ones commenting on each others blogs. Maybe we should start a broham blog and use it to reminisce about old times.

nathaniel said...

broham nostalgia blog!