Tuesday, September 30, 2008

so one time a month ago...

Have i ever told you the story of the time i spent a weekend pushing magazines on holiday festival - going folk?


well, i'm not going to type it -- so read about it HERE or listen about it HERE (it is Episode 52).

If you clicked on the word "here" immediately following the phrase "listen about it", perhaps you remember the story i told about the really enthusiastic "DIY ME MUTHERFUCKER" dude.

well then really, listen about it HERE.

ANYWAYS, perhaps you are wondering what this dude looks like. I will give you a hint. Which one of these dudes pictured below is the biggest party animal?

If you guessed it was the one in green shoes with paint all over his tuxedo t-shirt, that would have been my guess too -- and i think we would be correct. This is the gentleman featured in the story i told on the podcast.

Now for my appeal:
does anybody know this guy? or know who he is? I am not kidding when i say that i would really like to hang out with him.