Monday, July 30, 2007

sweet baby jesus this was awesome.

i realized though how impossible it would be for daft punk to play at anyone's house- there is no way in hell you would be able to get that super electro pyramid inside.

also, i took this video of me with my cell phone during their set:

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Excellent News!

R. Kelly has announced the release of Trapped in the Closet Chapters 13-22!

i know the only person more excited than myself is cindy, who can do her web based research HERE

Or watch one of my favorite chapters (okay okay, they're ALL my favorite - but the midget with the big piece soils himself! genius!)



Monday, July 9, 2007

find out why i am so white HERE

read all about why i am dressed up like magneto HERE

Friday, July 6, 2007

maybe you've heard about it already on the internet, but i was at lagoon yesterday and it rocked me. since i am lazy i am going to refer you to rob, who not only took all the pictures but does a bettter job of telling it than i would anyway:

gentle rob

here are my reviews of some of the rides:


i feel like this roller coaster has been a part of my life since i was born - except for that 8 or 9 year part of my life i didn't go to lagoon.... by the third time we rode it, i actually felt myself losing conciousness coming out of the second loop. awesome.


Christopher and Lee were right. it's all Foreplay. the whole straight up and straight down thing was amazing, and the barrel roll destroyed me (in the good way) but it's over in 20 seconds and the rest of the ride you are zooming around wishing you could do that first part again.

Spider and the Fly
Lots of fun, but that pice of the seat that sticks up in front of your crotch was crushing me and i didn't appreciate that.

Jet Star II

It gave me shaken baby syndrome.

The Roller Coaster
Also violently shaky, but fun too. it's a classic. i mean, they couldn't help it from shaking when the mormon pioneers built in in 1846 or whatever.

The Rocket

Really short but nothing beats a good freefall. The only ride of the day that actually scared me. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with diarrhea.

The Log Flume
It would have been more fun if the "dude flume" had succeeded in its origional prpose of overloading the log and getting it stuck somewhere- bonus points for being surprisingly resiliant and successfully sending like 900 pounds of dude around with no trouble

Hydro Luge

Also pretty short but for some reason waterslides are really awesome when you can just go down them in your clothes.


Not exactly a thriller, its a good excuse to just ride a ride without having to wait in line or having blood rush to your head or anything. All you have to do is sit there, go round and round, and think about how much happier you were when you were a kid.

Dracula's Castle

Second worst haunted ride of all time (behind lagoon's terrorride, which i will not ride), but hey, it's funny. Also, it struck me as a good place in the unlikely event i would ever be there on a date to get a little playful action. I wonder how many park emplyees have done it in darcula's castle......?

A side note, Christopher was telling me about the amazing mural on the Terroride that i couldn't see because i wasn't willing to stand in line to see it. I found an online review of that mural, and i kind of regret not gettign a closer look. See for yourself HERE

Rattlesnake Rapids

People ride things like this to get senselessly wet in their street clothes. Mission accomplished. Bonus points for the old prospector voice being broadcast through the line.

Sky Scraper

Ferris wheels are boring, but this one isn't so bad. probably because it is so big and you can see forever from the top